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Minimum wage in Russia

The minimum wage in Russia since the 1st of January 2021 is 12,792 Russian rubles or approximately 150 euros per month. Since the living standards and expense levels in Moscow and St. Petersburg are vastly different from other regions and cities, minimum wages for those cities are set separately at 20,589 and 19,000 rubles respectively. Recently the formula for calculating the minimum wage was changed, now it amounts to 42 % of the Russian median wage, whereas in the past it was set to reflect the minimum cost of living in Russia.

The minimum wage in Russia has seen sharp increases in the past decade. Whereas during 2012-2017 the wage increased from 4611 rubles to 7800 rubles, in 2018 it was increased to 11,163 rubles and has increased in a more stable manner since then.

The average wages earned by employees in Russia differ considerably depending on the city and region. The highest average monthly wages are in Moscow, St. Petersburg and some of the oil and mineral producing regions, and reach levels around 110 – 125 thousand rubles per month (1280 – 1450 euro). In the more economically isolated regions, salaries barely passing the minimum wage mark are not uncommon.

Some additional requirements for minimum wages are set for example for highly qualified foreign specialists. Employees working on highly qualified specialist work permits need to be paid no less than 2,000,000 rubles annually.

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