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New measures to combat Covid-19 for November and their impact on business

Due to the sharp rise in Covid-19 infection rates in Russia, the Russian government has issued several decrees that will impact business in Russia and the society in general.


The main restriction will be the suspension of work of non-critical enterprises in the capital region and St. Petersburg between October 28 and November 7. Employees whose work is considered critical, such as those responsible for calculating and paying wages, guarding objects, or support processes that can´t be suspended due to their technical characteristics are allowed to continue working.


Several other limitations will be put into place for the time being as well. The requirement to have most of enterprises´ employees in a remote-working mode is renewed. Covid-19 passes will be required to make use of many societal functions.


Business losses from non-working days from October 30 to November 7 will amount to about 4 billion rubles per day. The government has proposed introducing a number of measures to help businesses:


- entrepreneurs will be able to receive a lump sum payment in the amount of the minimum wage for each employee (the minimum wage in Russia is 12,792 rubles, total costs - about 27 billion rubles);


- The program of credit support for business FOT 3.0, which operated from March to July, will be resumed;


- payments to businesses in the service sector in connection with the measures on coronavirus will be carried out from November 15 to December 31.


- payments will be made to enterprises that work in the sports industry, hotel business, catering, additional education, consumer services, culture, leisure and entertainment;


- employees' wages will be paid for the entire period of non-working days.


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