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Why outsourcing your accounting makes sense in Russia

Having accounting in-house or outsourcing accounting, which is the best option? Arranging accounting for your company in Russia, the same as any market, is an important process. When done right, you minimize your time spent on dealing with accounting issues and can instead put maximum attention to your core business. In this piece we take a look at some of the most common issues business managers have with accounting and how outsourcing can solve them.


-       “I wish I didn´t need to use resources to recruit accountants all the time”

-       “I´d like my accountant to speak English so I can get a better understanding of my business”

-       “My accountant doesn´t seem to be invested in developing their skills”

-       “I can´t get supporting data for my business decisions while my accountant is on holiday”

-       “I´m not sure how secure our accounting data is”

-       “How can I be sure my accountant doesn´t engage in fraud or leak information?”


If you recognized some of these thoughts and have had them, you might consider outsourcing your accounting processes. With outsourcing, you can solve the above issues:


-       You will get up-to-date business information with no downtime due to sick- or parental leaves or holidays.

-       Your professional accountants will handle not only accounting, but also advise you and communicate with you in your language or English.

-       Good quality accounting companies constantly invest in training, and the skill level of accountants actively improves along with market requirements and standards.

-       When contracting a professional accounting company, you can be sure your critical accounting data is secure and backed up.

-       Professional accounting companies pay extreme attention to fraud prevention and the security of your crucial business and personal data.


Outsourcing your accounting is in many ways superior to in-house accounting, but it does require some getting used to especially if you have always had accounting in-house. Transferring your accounting processes takes some effort and causes a short-term disruption, but accounting companies run this process routinely and are happy to help make it as smooth as possible. Compared to in-house accounting you will lose some control of your accounting processes, but can trust that they are run by professionals. Trust is important, and letting go of micromanaging your accounting will leave you with more time to focus on your business instead.


Keep in mind also, that it´s possible to outsource only a part of your accounting process. For example, you can keep daily operations and bookkeeping in-house, and trust a professional service provider to make sure your tax filings are made correctly and that you receive the management reporting you need in your format and language.


There are several other benefits and issues to consider which speak for outsourced accounting, you can refer to our more detailed article about those here.


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