Leinonen Sweden

Who are we?

Leinonen Sweden is a reliable financial advisor with vast knowledge and expertise of local and international accounting regulations. We serve mainly international clients of all sizes – from multinational, listed companies to one-man startups – in a range of branches from construction and manufacturing to IT and SaaS.

Our goal is to be a reliable partner in the field of accounting, payroll, and tax services in Sweden. Reliability means that we keep our promises and take good care of our responsibilities. Being a good partner means that we are flexible in our offering, overcome all the challenging situations, and put value on long-term relationships.

We are located in the city of Stockholm with a walking distance to the central station and the airport train. Our office is across the street of Polar Studios, which was formed by ABBA.

As a constantly growing market with great potential, Sweden attracts global actors who are looking for new business opportunities. With the world-class infrastructure, little bureaucracy, low level of corruption, highly skilled workforce, and a friendly business culture, the Swedish business climate is very favorable for foreign investments.

If you are interested in establishing a company or a branch in Sweden or you would like to talk about accounting services for your existing business, feel free to contact us. We offer one hour free consultation to get to know your business more thoroughly and to find the most flexible advisory solutions for your business.

How can we help you?

We follow international accounting and business standards connected to local requirements and therefore understand the needs of international clients very well. Our competitive edge is based on long-term experience, quality, flexibility and by offering a full scope of services.

The quality of our service is guaranteed by strong internal audit procedures, processes of service delivery and insurance that all work gets timely done.

Our accounting teams having different backgrounds ensure the best understanding of company establishment, accounting, payroll issues, and problems that your business is facing by providing you the most comprehensive services.

During the last few years, an increasing number of clients also prefer our residence assistance services when starting a business in Sweden. We provide specialist expertise in guiding and supporting international companies entering the Swedish market. We can also assist Swedish companies establishing their business abroad or with the development of Swedish-EU trade. Feel free to learn more about our working methods and services.

Being the members of Finish Chamber of Commerce and Estonia Chamber of Commerce widens our networks in order to support our clients even more.

What do we promise?

Reliable financial management is one of the cornerstones of a successful business. At Leinonen Sweden, we believe that the primary duty of a reliable accounting partner is to ensure full compliance, accurate and timely reporting which enables clients to evaluate business performance and make the right decisions.

Our work is always confidential and compliant with latest GDPR requirements.
Working in a Swedish business environment, our clients also highly value traceability and modern information sharing that makes their business more effective.

As many of our clients are doing business in the field of construction, we are glad to help them with ID services either on Swedish ID, construction ID or bank ID services.

To find out more on what kind of services we offer, you may read FAQ, located below the services section.

Contact us and we will guide your business to a good start in Sweden combining local knowledge and over 10 years of experience in servicing international clients.


Leinonen Sweden AB is an authorized accounting firm. We are authorized accounting consultants with SRF and quality assured within REKO - a guarantee for competence, quality, and development. This also means that we continuously update ourselves in the areas related to accounting and taxation to meet SRF's requirements and guidelines.

Hiring an authorized accounting consultant is a security for you. Authorization guarantees quality, competence, and experience. An authorized accounting consultant takes responsibility for ensuring that the services performed are of a high quality, which in turn leads to high quality in accounting. It will be right from the start.

The authorization consists of four cornerstones
• Underwent ongoing further training in new rules and new practice
• Gets quality controlled
• Is insured for your safety
• Works according to Swedish standards for accounting services, Reko

REKO is the Swedish standard for accounting services, national standard for how accounting services are to be performed. It aims to create quality in the accounts, for the benefit of the entrepreneur, business, and society.

Year-end report. When an authorized accounting consultant helps you with your annual report or your annual accounts, you can get a year-end report. The year-end report confirms that the accounting consultant follows a standard and that the accounting and financial reporting are of high quality.

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