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Extended adjustment support for May and June and July, respectively, will take effect on 19 October

An extended adjustment support for May and June and July, respectively, has now been approved by the European Commission and the government has subsequently decided on parts of the submitted proposal so that the extension takes effect on 19 October. As before, the aid will be granted to companies that have had a certain loss of turnover between two reference periods. The government continues to work with the support for June and July for the largest companies.

Support for May can be given to companies that have had at least 40 percent lower sales in May 2020 compared to May 2019. The support for May is given with a maximum of SEK 75 million per company.
Support for June and July will be given to companies that have lost at least 50 percent in sales in June and July 2020 compared with the same months in 2019. June and July are calculated as a support period.

In a first step, the government has applied for and been granted support for June and July with a maximum of SEK 8 million per company. To get the extension in place as soon as possible, the government chose to initially apply for June and July according to the temporary state aid guidelines for Corona-related support. According to those guidelines, the maximum support is SEK 8 million. During the period March and April, 99.8 percent of the applications for support were less than SEK 8 million, which means that most are expected to be able to receive the support in full already now.

As a next step in the process, the government is working on an application to the European Commission for the largest companies. This is to be able to increase the maximum amount also for June and July. Adaptations are prepared on the basis of both the views of the consultation and the views of the European Commission. Companies that estimate that the latter will apply for an amount higher than SEK 8 million for June and July can, however, already now apply for the support up to SEK 8 million.

The application for adjustment support for the months of May, June and July is open between 19 October and 30 November and is made via the Swedish Tax Agency.


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