We believe in synergy. Our accountants work in cooperation with your team to ensure that all accounting information meets local and international standards. We keep the tax man away, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Our experienced accounting teams will provide full-scope bookkeeping, accounting, and finance management services, including:

  • Primary financial data entries;
  • Bank operations and payments;
  • Monthly statutory reporting;
  • Management reporting;
  • Monthly closing and reconciliation procedures;
  • Preparation of annual financial reports.

Moreover, advisors will be able to share their expertise and insights on accounting procedure optimization, cost efficiency, and any other finance management-related issue.

Accounting is essential for every company. It is difficult for a business to operate if there is no clear overview of the financial state. Not to mention the statutory reporting required by the government, which becomes even more complex every year. That is why companies outsource their accounting to service providers like us – Leinonen. There are rather many benefits of having a reliable partner do your accounting – we listed them all in our article “Why should my business outsource accounting services?

Businesses come in different shapes and sizes, operate in different industries, and have different goals. All these differences can make it hard to find an accountant who knows how to work with exactly your business.  Sometimes the challenge is even more difficult when entering a new market, where nuances of cross-border accounting come into play. At Leinonen, we acknowledge that. Supported by our 30+ years of experience in accounting and a strong team, we are confident in our ability to find the right solution for your business.

For us, it is also important that all the accounting is done ethically and that we follow the laws strictly. We are not working with clients that contradict ethical values, engage in shady business, or abuse loopholes. We value our reputation as a trustworthy and reliable partner developed over the years in each of the 11 markets, in which we operate.

Great Accountants

In Leinonen, our accountants know the industry’s latest trends and have long-term experience managing clients with diverse backgrounds. Whether it is a small company or a big corporation our team of professionals will take care of it. Every question there might arise during the process will be solved thanks to our expert accountants team that help each other. It is also important for us that our accountants are always learning and developing to offer clients the best and most efficient accounting services.

One of the main indicators that we are doing it right is that most clients stay with us long-term. Another way we know that clients are satisfied is thanks to our annual client satisfaction survey. For us, it is important to gather feedback to improve upon and offer the best local and international accounting services possible.  

Accounting processes and software

If a company has any history, accounting has been done in some way. However, the main issue we often see is that companies have either outgrown the current processes, software, and overall system used or it’s not efficient enough. Since we follow the industry’s latest trends, we always make sure that the client’s accounting is adjusted and made in the most efficient way. We always look over the whole process, analyze the current workflow, let the client know how it should be optimized, and most importantly help to implement it.

We also, make sure to digitalize the workflows and bring these cases to the modern day. We can help even if your business’s accounting is done on paper or manually in an Excel sheet. No matter the current state of the accounting we are always open-handed welcoming clients with diverse backgrounds. We make sure that the new accounting systems will be adjusted to them and is easily understandable.

Of course, all the adjustments and changes described above are done in coordination with the client, his needs, and wants. By outsourcing your business’s accounting to us the current state of accounting and new adjustments the company can also focus more on developing its core business. Good accounting is essential for successful operations and growth, as it enables the company to see the big picture of the current financial state.

International Accounting

We currently operate successfully in 11 countries, and we have helped a lot of companies to expand their business in these markets. Every case is different, and we have the experience to help regards the size or history of the company. On top of that we are foreigners in most of our markets as well, so we truly understand the challenges and needs of international business.

Our professionals have strong experience in working with international clients. We can accommodate the specific requirements of your Group or Mother company. As well as we are flexible in scope: capable to take over just the local accounting based on existing guidelines or help develop the overall accounting workflow for the entire business from scratch.

Depending on the industry we always try to suggest the best solutions regards to client’s business industry. This can only be done thanks to our long-term experience. There are a lot of accounting-specific details that are not always known regards to each country. We help our clients all the way, starting from day one and with them becoming a successfully established business in the market.

Leinonen is a multinational, stable, and ethical company. We provide full-scope quality accounting services. We see quality as a multidimensional concept:

  • We keep our promises and cover the basics.
  • We are flexible and adjust to the needs of the client.
  • We are constantly improving to offer the best solutions for our clients.
  • We are a team of true professionals in the accounting field.
  • We are easy to work with.

Looking for a service in a specific country, get in touch with one of our local offices and we will be excited to explore how our services can benefit you! If you want to cooperate with us in multiple countries feel free to be in touch with Dmytro Pavlenko, Group Sales and Marketing Manager.

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