Company Establishment

First things first. Before you can start thinking about negotiating a lease, signing contracts with local suppliers and onboarding staff, you need to establish your enterprise. Leinonen ensure that you register the right type of business for your needs.

Starting a company or opening a business abroad can be intimidating. Different countries have versatile laws and rules that are always not easy to understand. Keeping track of all of them can be difficult if even the local language is not the mother tongue. If the goal is to be successful and legally correct abroad it is less time-consuming and more effective to use the help of professionals. Leinonen is operating currently in eleven countries, and it is our honor when businesses turn to us to help them with establishing in a foreign country.

In some countries registering a company takes just a few minutes online. However, this is very rare and usually for foreigners who want to open a business, the laws are different. When opening the business, it is important to keep in mind the field-specific laws as in some categories these are very strict and need to be followed step by step. Whenever we help our clients register a new business abroad, the main criteria we first focus on is ensuring that everything is legally correct. As we have long-term experience with different clients we are aware of the most common issues that usually arise. This helps us to inform our clients how to do everything correctly from the start.

Registering a business abroad is not just something that every company can do the same way. For us, it’s important that we work with each client regards to their needs and specifics. We make sure that their case is viewed as a taylor fit and that they always have a contact person to turn on when questions arise. Different companies have different needs e.g., a company offering online services has probably less document work than a company offering food products. As the companies have different registration needs we always make sure to offer extra help with the next steps that come after the initial registration.

For us, it’s not just registering the business but making sure the client has the possibility to succeed and focus on primary needs. This means that besides helping with the establishment we try to help on a full scale. Some of the services we offer to make sure our clients have all their needs covered:

  • Counselling on commercial laws.
  • Counselling on labor law.
  • Help with the contract law.
  • Immigration questions.
  • Data protection.

As we have a team of experts with long-term experience, we are able to help with different questions and suggest solutions even on very-hard cases. We also have a network of partners in each country we operate and this has helped us to grow even more as every unusual question that has been raised has been solved together. Our goal in Leinonen has always been to not just do the first necessary steps but help the process on a full scope. Only by working that way, we can guarantee the success and correct way of registration & setting up the business.

If establishing a company in a foreign country is in the interest then Leinonen can help. For us, it’s just not helping but actually giving the business owner the time and peace of mind to focus on their business. Following the law correctly and understanding each part of it can be tricky and takes time for people who have not worked on it. As we have the long-term experience we know how to work with each client to succeed with their needs.

To request more information it is possible to write or book an initial consultation. By choosing the right country of interest we have on each of them specialists who speak English. They can help with the questions or concerns there might be.

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