Legal Services

Many of our offices have in-house legal experts capable of handling standard legal issues that arise around immigration, leases, supplier contracts and so on. However, should a more serious legal challenge arise, we can also refer you to trusted local law firms who will defend your interests.

Leinonen provides a wide range of legal services to support your business. We offer day-to-day legal support, representation in legal questions, and as well legal consulting services in complicated nonstandard situations. If there is a legal question, then there is always an answer that our legal team is ready to help with.  

Leinonen represents the interests of its clients at closings of transactions, dispute resolutions, and other legal issues between private entities and public institutions. 

Our main areas of specialization are: 

Commercial law 
Legal support in the establishment of companies, and management of the necessary changes in the establishments and between shareholders. Assistance with company reorganizations (mergers, divisions, restructurings), share transactions, as well as suspension of business operations and liquidation. All the concerns and questions that might arise during the process can be solved with the help of our legal consultants who have a long-term experience with different companies.  

Labor law 
We provide support in the establishment and termination of employment relationships, contracts, preparation of internal HR documentation, and representation of our client’s interests in labor disputes, including court proceedings.  

Contract law 
Leinonen offers preparation of various types of contracts (purchase, service, supply, loan, lease, tenancy, etc.) and consulting in the process of establishment and termination of legal relations, assessing related risks, and resolving disputes. 

Bankruptcy and debt recovery 
Consulting in issues related to insolvency and legal protection procedures. Preparation of required documentation for creditors and debtors (insolvency applications, creditor’s claims, plans of legal protection procedures, etc.). Decision on the most suitable type of debt recovery procedures, preparation of debt recovery documentation, and representation of clients in legal proceedings related to debt recovery. 

Administrative process 
Representation of our client’s interests in the state administration institutions, providing legal assistance in administrative proceedings and court. Provision of support in communication with public administration and representing the client in the process of appellation of the decisions of public administration authorities. 

Real estate transactions 
Support real estate transactions. Including preparation of necessary sales and acquisition documentation, assessment of collaterals and encumbrances, corroboration of rights in the Land Register, dispute resolution, as well as advising on issues related to real estate lease rights. 

Dispute resolution 
Consulting on most suitable dispute resolution methods, representation of client’s interests in the court, and alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration. Representation in disputes with public authorities and in tax disputes is provided as well. 

Our legal team is providing consultations related to immigration law, traveling, and residing in countries we operate and can assist you in the process of obtaining a residence permit. 

Data Protection 
We are advising on data protection issues, provide data audits, representation at the Data State Inspectorate, as well as consulting on the rules and application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Our legal team has gained extensive professional experience by working in international law firms and public authorities. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case our legal assistance is necessary! 

Our legal services are offered in most of the countries we operate in but more information can be found on countries websites. For more information please contact: 

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