Management Reporting

Our management reporting service can help get your business back on track by providing a detailed picture of your company’s financial health. Determine staffing levels, consolidate processes and create a more accurate growth strategy based on what you learn from management reporting.

Every company has different plans but if the goal for the company is to grow or at least sustain its current status then it is important to keep track of numbers. The bigger the company is the harder it can be to see the full overview and understand where changes are needed or what is going well and should be maintained. For these reasons, we always suggest management reporting to have an understanding and calmness in what stage the business currently is. 

After bookkeeping is done the first thing, we in Leinonen do is the reporting to the government. This helps to create a sharp vision and understanding that everything is done according to the laws and prevents any issues that might arise in the future. The next step after reporting to the government however is management reporting.  

The management reporting is done by our professionals with long-term experience. They know by heart how to analyze the data and what numbers are the most important ones the business needs. Having the full financial overview made by professionals allows the company to set KPIs and realistic goals for the long term. This is needed for the growth estimations. Since the numbers always speak truth, it will allow the company to make changes needed for the company’s growth.  

Full reporting helps in other aspects too. This allows the company to budget in a better way and use resources more wisely. Having a bigger picture is great for measuring employees’ efficiency as well. Every time a new person is needed or let go company can see the effect on the number immediately. This sets it clear what the reasonable count of employees needed for the company’s growth is. 

Management reporting is usually needed by larger companies as they have many employees, and it is difficult to have the full overview. It has a very efficient use on group companies as managing companies in various locations can be challenging and hard to measure. As every company is different, we adjust or report regarding variable needs. This is always communicated with the client to make sure both sides are on the same page. 

Finally, we value a lot of professional work. We always deliver at the right time. As decisions in business are often time critical, we make sure that the work from our side would be always on time and save clients time and energy. All the data requested is visible to the client and they do not have to worry about analyzing and focusing on understanding the numbers. This is the work we do, and we are glad to help clients with their business needs. 

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