Management Report 1
Balance sheet 2
Profit and loss statement 3
Consolidated Report 4
Cash flow Report 7
Cash flow forecast Report 8
Aged Debtors Report 9
Aged Creditor Report 10
Trial balance Report 12
Ledger movement list 13
Statement of Changes in Equity 14
Report about investments 15
Report about the activities of the organization 16
Payables report 17
Receivables report 18
Fixed assets report/list 19
Balance confirmations Report 20
Report printouts 21
Other Internal Reports 22
VAT Report 23
Intrastate Report 24
Statistical Report 25
Report about reimbursement of VAT paid in EU countries Report 26
Natural resource Tax Report 27
Car tax Report 28
Withholding tax Report 29
Non-resident PIT Report 30
Property levy Report 31
Land Tax Report 32
Other external Reports 33
Corrections of Reports 34
Report 99
Booking of sales invoices 101
Booking of purchase invoices 102
Data verification of Sales invoices 103
Data verification of Purchase invoices 104
Reconciliation of Sales and general ledger 105
Reconciliation of Purchase and general ledger 106
Issuing customers' sales invoices 107
Analyses of aging debtors 108
Analyses of aging creditors 109
Preparation of sales invoices 110
Sending of sales invoices 111
Preparation of debtor lists 112
Sending confirmation letters/reminders 113
Checking of bookings done by Client 114
Printouts from sales/purchase ledger 115
Sending out reminders about customers' sales receivables 116
Corrections of Sales ledger 117
Corrections of Purchase ledger 118
Posting of sale invoices 119
Posting of purchase invoices 120
Sales/Purchase ledger 199
Adding FA to register 201
Removing FA from asset register 202
Calculation of financial depreciation 203
Amortization of goodwill 204
Correction of fixed assets 205
Calculation of depreciation for tax purposes 206
Clearing of previous accountant's work 207
Car usage and travel distance reviews 208
Setting up Client in accountancy program (chart of accounts,departments,maping) 209
Preparation of administrative orders (business trips, employee movement,representation,other locally required) 210
Entering manual journals 211
Calculation of accruals 212
Correction of accruals 213
Communication with client via e-mail 214
Communication with client via phone 215
Consultation services for the client via e-mail 216
Consultation services for the client via phone 217
Rebooking of previous periods 218
Secondment of accountant / assistant 219
Communication with tax authorities 220
Visiting Tax office, banks, other institutions 221
Meeting with Client 222
Visiting Client's office 223
GL line details to support Trial Balance (transaction details to the TB) 224
Allocation of expenses by market, by product 225
Booking of bank 226
Clearing of documents (preparation and additional work with accounting documents) 227
Checking of work done by assistant 228
Booking of cash, card, and expense reports operations 229
Booking of period closing operations 230
Accountancy work 299
Booking of salaries 301
Entering new employee 302
Maintaining of employee files 303
Basic salary calculations 304
Bonus calculations 305
Vacation calculations 306
Calculation of unused vacation 307
Sick leave calculations 308
Maternity leave/paternity leave 309
Final salary calculations 310
Daily allowance, taxable 311
Overtime payment 312
Income tax report 313
Social tax report 314
Annual PIT report 317
Travelling expense calculations 319
Preparation and sending of payslips 320
Preparation of termination of employment contracts 321
Salary calculation 399
Salary payments 401
Payments to Vendors 402
Cash advance Payments 403
Tax payments 404
Preparation of Payment orders 405
Processing of Payment orders 406
Retrieving of bank account balances 407
Retrieving of account statements 408
Retrieving of bank references 409
Payment of domestic invoices 410
Payment of foreign invoices 411
Payment of VAT settlements 412
Payment of salaries based on particulates of payroll accounting (Finland) 413
Payment of employer's settlements to tax authorities based on particulates of payroll accounting (Finland) 414
Payment of Trade Union fees based on particulates of payroll accounting (Finland) 415
Payment of travel expense compensations based on particulates of payroll accounting (Finland) 416
Payment processing service 499
Consultations on VAT inquires 501
Consultations on VAT refund 502
Consultations on Corporate Income Tax 503
Consultations on Personal income tax 504
Consultations on Acquisition of property 505
Consultations on Debt collection procedures, liaison with lawyers 506
Consultations on Solutions to specific taxation issues of the client 507
Consultations on Company registration 508
Consultations on Working permits 509
Legal consultation 510
Other tax consultations 511
Consultations regarding international legislation 512
Consultation on Double Taxation Treaties 513
Consultations on Social securities schemes and free movement of people in EU 514
Business Controller services 515
Budgeting 516
Consultation 599
Closing of accounts 601
Preparation of Annual Reports 602
Preparation of Supplements to AFS 603
Balance sheet for Financial Statements 604
Profit and loss statement for Financial Statements 605
Statement of Changes in Equity for Financial Statements 606
Statement of cash flows for Financial Statements 607
Dependency report ( Latvia) 608
Preparation of CIT return 609
VAT annual return 611
Statement of CIT advance payments 612
Liaison with Auditors 613
Withholding Tax Return 614
Preparation of funds statement 615
Compilation of notes to the financial statements according to Bookkeeping Act 616
Compilation of notes to the financial statements according to Companies Act 617
Preparation of Annual Accounts information for the Commercial Register 618
Submitting the Annual Report to Commercial Register 619
Preparation of International annual report 620
Annual Financial Statement 699
VAT registration and deregistration 701
Personal data protection registration 702
Annual re-registration in the social insurance fund 703
Employer's registration and deregistration 704
Company registration and deregistration 705
Company incorporation 706
Loan registration 707
Changes in articles of incorporation registration 708
Assisting in obtaining residence permits for customers 709
Establishing ready made companies 710
Selling ready-made companies for the customers 711
Registration services 799
Preparation of employment contracts 801
Registration of   employment contracts 802
Preparation of termination documentation 803
Preparation of other required HR documentation 804
Communication to Client's employees 805
Supporting customers personnel research (accountancy related) 806
Human resource services 899
Preparation of Accountancy policy/manual 901
Forecasting services 902
Postal address service 903
Handling of post 904
Documents archiving 905
Dealing with Tax Authorities 906
Participation in external training 907
Participation in internal training 908
Participation in training organised by client 909
Preparation of POA, EDS agreements 910
Preparation of the minutes of the Board of Directors 911
Preparation of the minutes of the Shareholders' meetings 912
Representative service: Accountant represents client' in other country 913
Liaison with lawyers 914
Internal audit services 915
Checking of contracts 916
Checking of accounting principles and set up 917
Checking of processing the payments and relevant documentation 918
Assessment of Annual Reports 919
Due diligence investigations 920
Detailed report about performed tasks 921
Studying of legislation 922
Preparation of information to management 923
Filling of TMS 924
Sick leave 925
Vacations 926
Training 927
Administration work 928
Other services 999

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There are multiple reasons for business to invest in Eastern Europe. Some companies are attracted by growing economies and the increasingly wealthier middle class. Others simply want to reduce costs or benefit from the relatively skilled labor force. However, as the level of cross border transactions increases, companies want to monitor and control their financials more intensively. A reliable accounting partner becomes a valuable asset.

We have been helping international companies for years in the region. Our accountants and advisors are familiar with the issues that arise in challenging market environments. We will help you discover the full potential of your target markets.

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