Making sure you fulfil your tax obligations needs to be at the forefront of your concerns when setting up a business in a foreign country. Leinonen’s extensive experience with cross-border business means we don’t miss a thing when it comes to ensuring your compliance.

Taxation includes various services in each country. Taxation services that Leinonen is offering in countries in which we operate are: 

  • Advisory on value-added tax; 
  • Payroll taxes;  
  • Corporate income tax; 
  • Tax planning; 
  • Structuring matters; 
  • Client representing tax authorities;  
  • Registration services; 
  • Foreign employer registration. 

As taxation is different in each country our services availability varies from country to country. If some service is not offered by the Leinonen team, we always have a trusted partner with whom we feel confident to suggest, because we have worked with them for a long period.  

Advisory on value-added tax 

Each country has different laws for value-added tax shortly known as VAT. This is the form of tax that is usually imposed by the state. This is applied to all physical persons and to most companies. All over the EU, there are certain rules that state where the VAT should be paid if the company is registered in one country, but the financial deals are happening in another.  

To understand this better and make sure that this is done according to the law we highly suggest consulting with our long-term experienced tax consultants. As often the laws are hard to understand, and they vary according to the field it can be easy to miss an important part. Risking not fully understanding the VAT payments can turn out as not declaring and following the law properly.  

Payroll Taxes 

Payroll calculation means different things in each country. This also means that payroll taxation varies by country. To read more in detail about payroll management we suggest reading the full description. ( As taxes are calculated according to the payroll, we have the payroll tax service in each country by default. This is important to make sure that all payroll taxes will be paid regarding to work, sick leave, parental leave, etc.  

Corporate Income Tax 

Corporate income tax goes together with business accounting, and this is a service that is by default a service we do for our clients too. Managing the VAT depends quite often on the size of the company and to follow this correctly by the law we suggest consulting with our tax consultants. They have the knowledge and experience to make sure that the corporate income tax is paid correctly. This is also important for the business to not have a bad reputation.  

Tax Planning & Structuring Matters 

Tax planning and structuring matters are not offered in all countries in which we operate however we do have long-term partners there. This is a service that helps the client to predict more in detail the future costs and payments. This is important and needed if the business is growing and future financial plans are crucial to evaluate the business’s worth. Having a clear overview of what to expect in terms of taxation and planning the financial reports will help the company to make changes to achieve its goals. 

Client representing tax authorities 

As taxation is a difficult topic it can be intimidating for companies to have full communication and document declaring. This is where Leinonen can come in and help the companies. As we have tax & legal experts or trustworthy partners, we can represent the client in a full circle and take over the communication with legal authorities. 

Focusing on the core business 

Taxation questions are often difficult and depend on the company field or size. To make sure that all questions are solved currently we highly suggest consulting a Leinonen expert. This can prevent a lot of problems in the future and allows to spend time developing the business for the company’s management.  

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