Every member of our Stockholm accounting team is an expert in local accounting rules. We save you time, eliminate errors and ensure strict compliance with local accounting standards. The end result is greater peace of mind and more time to focus on other things, like growth.

Accounting Services in Sweden

Businesses in Sweden must follow the EU’s regulations regarding accounting, auditing, and financial reporting. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. Depending on your type of business you may have to meet standards set by the Bokföringsnämnden (BFN; Swedish Accounting Standards Board) or the Finansinspektionen (SFSA; Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority). In addition, Sweden has developed its own national accounting standard based on IFRS and widely known as BFNAR 2012:1.

If you are a foreigner-owned business, you will need accounting services in Sweden that meet every rule, regulation, and complication that applies to your type of business.

Leinonen’s Accounting Services in Sweden

Leinonen have been helping businesses simplify their operations for more than 30 years. We have offices throughout Northern, Central and Eastern Europe staffed by top professionals. Staff members in our Sweden office are multilingual and experienced in local accounting practices. Companies operating in Sweden decide to outsource their accounting to Leinonen because we offer:

  • Transparency and accountability
  • The flexibility to grow and change with your business
  • Services tailored to your specific needs
  • A cost-effective way to improve your accounting
  • Valuable insights into the financial state of your business
  • Absolute confidentiality of your data
  • The ability to make your operation more efficient

When you can rely on the accuracy and integrity of your accounting, you will be able to respond more quickly and effectively to market developments. You will also be able to create a growth strategy that has a high probability of success.

What to Expect When Working With Leinonen

Most businesses that approach Leinonen about accounting in Sweden are surprised at how easy we are to work with and how simple we make the process of outsourcing their accounting. Each member of our staff is a proven professional who has been trained in all the details of the Swedish accounting system. Their only goal is to help you simplify your operation so that your Swedish enterprise has a greater chance of long-term success.

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Accounting in Sweden is not a simple task. Annual reports, financial statements, following the Swedish annual accounts act and trying to figure out which aspects (if any) of IFRS Sweden apply to your business are all enough to give you headaches. When you outsource your accounting to Leinonen, you eliminate such hassles, while also saving time and money. Contact Leinonen today to find out how we can help your business.

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