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Leinonen Ukraine 

Ukraine is currently facing an unprecedented attack on its sovereignty which affects all its citizens and all business in the country. We advise our clients, partners and everyone else to stay safe as first priority. 

Business and the activities of companies in Ukraine are impacted and possibilities limited due to the situation. Communication networks are working well, but the operations of banks are limited due to martial law. Ukrainian institutions such as the tax service and other authorities are working well considering the circumstances. The logistics sector faces some of the hardest obstacles, but is actively finding work-arounds to problems.

The Ukrainian goverment notes that most local businesses working in safe areas has already resumed operating. The authorities are actively working to invite foreign business to re-start their operations in Ukraine whereever possible, and are helping to do that in various ways. Please contact us for more details regarding your specific situation.


We follow international accounting and business standards and we understand the needs of international clients. Our competitive edge is based on experience, quality and a Finnish manager present on site.

In addition to that, we only employ highly skilled specialists who have several years of experience working for European companies in our region, which means that they know what is expected by the owners of foreign organizations in our markets.

Feel free to contact us for client references.


Usually our clients are small- to medium-sized businesses who are foreign-owned. The foreign owner of the local subsidiary is very interested in following the local laws and regulations, and would like to hand accounting over to a trusted partner who is an expert in those laws and regulations. This way they can focus on their business, while Leinonen takes care of accounting, taxation and reporting formalities.

We have built our image as a trusted Finnish partner and have been maintaining it since 1989 due to our values. Because of such focus on trust and transparency, while keeping high level of service, foreign clients prefer to choose us for their business ventures in Ukraine and other countries.

As Finns we are culturally closest to Scandinavian and Western European companies, we share similar values and understand the challenges that such companies may experience when entering this market. Many of our clients come from these regions but we are always ready to serve clients from farther away as well.

Our client base consists of organizations which value high ethics, reliability and transparency. This is exactly what we have to offer in addition to our industry standard company establishment and accounting services.

To find out more on what kind of clients we serve you may read our FAQ section, located below the services section.


The accounting program 1C is used in the Ukrainian market almost exclusively. In case of more complex client needs, our group has experience with various accounting programs such as Microsoft Dynamics, Sedab, Axapta, Hyperion, SAP, Scala, Hansa World, Directo and etc.

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