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Additional import duties imposed

It was announced that the rate of additional import charges will be determined by the class of goods according to UKT VED, including:

10% - for product group classification 1-24 UKT VED.

These groups include coffee, meat, dairy products and sugar;

5% - for product group classification 25-97 UKT VED.

These groups include metals, ceramics, clothing, ships and weapons.

Also, a 10 percent import tax will be levied against goods subject to import duty in accordance with Art. 374 of the Customs Code (e.g. goods sent by international express shipments, with total invoice value between the equivalent of 150 euros and 10,000 euros).

In addition, Law number 73 provides that certain essential goods will not be subject to taxation, including:

 - Oil, natural gas, gasoline, fuel oil and diesel fuel;

 - Coal, electricity, non-irradiated fuel elements;

 - Medical devices for dialysis and cancer treatment as listed by the Cabinet.

These are additional import duties intended to be temporary and imposed for 12 months. But  companies should be well aware that temporary measures often become permanent...


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