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Average salaries in the largest Ukrainian cities

The average salary in Lviv is the highest of large Ukrainian cities at UAH 31.655 per month, which is UAH 824 more than in Kyiv (UAH 30.831). This is mainly due to the city having a high concentration of IT sector workers, as well as due to competition for labor with neighboring Poland. 31% of employers are ready to pay even more - from UAH 43.5 thousand UAH. The results are shown in a study looking at average salaries in the five largest cities of Ukraine, conducted by the personnel portal


According to the study, there are more job opportunities in the capital. 25% of all current vacancies on the personnel portal offer work in Kyiv and the nearest satellite cities. At the same time, the capital has the greatest competition among job seekers (26% of all current CVs).


The second city in terms of the number of vacancies (4.6%) and resumes (3.4%) is Kharkiv: the average salary of Kharkiv residents is 25.362 UAH.


In Dnipro, 4.2% of vacancies and 2.3% of CVs show up on the personnel portal. The average salary in the city is UAH 19.393.


The average salary in Odessa is UAH 22.159. The total number of Odessa vacancies is 2.3% of the total on the website, resumes - 2.3%.


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