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Average salary in Ukraine grows by 22 % during past year

The average gross salary in Ukraine as measured by the State Statistics Service amounted to 13,997 UAH in August 2021. This means that the average salary has increased by 22,3 % in comparison to August 2020.


The year before that, between August 2019 and August 2020, average salaries increased 8,6 %.


Recall that the minimum wage in Ukraine currently is UAH 6,000, and that the minimum wage is set to increase to 6,500 UAH in December 2021.


The most recent month-on-month comparison showed a 2,4 % decrease in the average salary between July and August 2021. Next datasets will show if this is the start of a downward trend or simply a temporary phenomenon.


The highest average salaries in Ukraine are in the IT and telecom sectors (UAH 24,813, up 25,1 % during the past year).


The lowest average salaries are in the temporary accommodation and catering sectors (UAH 9,788, increased 57,3 % since August 2020), as well as in the education and healthcare sectors.


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