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Business Ombudsman in Ukraine Summarized the Year 2016

Almost half of all complaints came from Kyiv. The majority of complaints were lodged by small and medium local businesses. Most active industries were wholesalers, manufacturers, agriculture market players, individual entrepreneurs and representatives of the real estate market.

Most widespread subjects of complaints included the actions of the fiscal authorities, law enforcement agencies, legislation drafts and amendments, actions of state regulators local councils and municipalities’ actions. However, the dialogue with government agencies became much more efficient: the rate of recommendations implementation reached 87% by the end of 2016, and the State Fiscal Service, the traditional leader of complainees “anti-ranking”, implemented 91% of all recommendations provided by the BOC.

In 2016, Business Ombudsman signed 5 memoranda on cooperation with key government agencies that affect the business climate in Ukraine: the National Police, the National Agency on Corruption Prevention, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, Kyiv City State Administration, National Anti-corruption Bureau.

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Referenced from the Business Ombudsman Council Web site 03.02.2017 


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