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Business Outlook for European Companies in Ukraine

The European Business Association of Ukraine just published it´s business outlook for 2020. This outlook is made on the basis of a survey to top managers of European companies in Ukraine, and the goal is to measure their investor and business sentiment.

The results show that 77 % of the EBA´s member companies´CEOs expect their businesses to develop during 2020. More than half expected 10-20 % turnover growth. At the same time, the majority, 67 %, were not planning to make large-scale investments.

For their 2020 budgeting the CEOs used currency exchange rate estimates of 28 UAH per dollar - for 2019 that number was 30 UAH per dollar.

Annual salary growth was estimated at 5-20 %, and half of the CEOs expected their number of staff to increase - last year almost 60 % expected it.

The top three tasks the EBA community deemed as most important for the Ukrainian economy were the same as in past years: fighting corruption, judicial reform, and establishment of rule of law and political stability. For more information, read the entire EBA article here.


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