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Doing Business in Estonia UPDATE

First of all, besides a transparent and well-functioning legislating, Estonia has an investment friendly taxation system. To open a company the share capital shall be a minimum 2,500 EUR, however there is a possibility to register the company without the initial contribution, but then you have to keep in mind that the dividend cannot be paid before the contribution has been paid.

A private limited company is a most used to open the business in Estonia where the share capital is divided into private limited company shares and the shareholder is not personally liable for the obligations of the company.

Did you know that to open a company you even don’t have to go to Estonia?

The progamme called e-residency gives you an easy access for all services and support you to open your own company from abroad. 

All bigger banks operating in Estonia will allow for bank accounts to be opened using video conferencing as a means of identification in the future in a step that will provide an important opportunity for the country's e-residents. A regulation from the Minister of Finance entered into force on Monday,31st of October 2016,  which sets the rules regarding how and which operations can be performed by banks using video ID to confirm customers' identity.

Now, how is Estonia so investment-friendly? There is long list of possibilities to apply for a support to open your business in Estonia such as Start-up grants, Enterprise Development Programme, Export Grant for Creative Industries or Supporting the International Family Tourism Attractions and the list will be continued. Most important is to know that the profit which will be turned back to the company as an investment won’t be taxable.

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