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Employment of foreigners will be easier, but maybe more expensive for companies

The process will be easier:

In particular, the amount of documents that is given by an employer decreases from 15 to 8, and the term of their consideration diminishes at State Employment Service from 30 to 15 days.

The term of action of permission and the cost remain the same: 1 to 4 minimum wages (about 450 EUR).

The public authorities plan to give out 8000 permissions in 2013.

Employment costs may increase:

We want to remind about a draft law (from 22.03.2013 № 2620) considering the establishment cost of permissions for employing foreigners.

The draft law suggested new cost of permissions for employment of foreigners, which depends on professions:

  • Twentyfold size of minimum wage (about 2 300 EUR) - for persons, executing work of high qualification;
  • Tenfold size of minimum wage (about 1 100 EUR) - for persons, executing work of middle qualification;
  • Double size of minimum wage (about 250 EUR) - for one calendar month for persons, executing work of subzero qualification.


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