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Getting a work permit for foreigners is now easier

On October 12, 2022, the President of Ukraine signed a Law which:

• cancels the requirement for the employer to pay a foreign citizen employed in Ukraine remuneration in the amount of at least 10 minimum wages;

• creates a legal basis for employment of foreigners and stateless persons studying in Ukraine;

• improves the regulations regarding the list of documents for obtaining or extending the validity of work permits for certain categories of foreign workers;

• simplifies access to this administrative service - it can be obtained in any convenient way for the employer.

At the same time, the law will provide state control over the granting of employment permits.

Getting a work permit in Ukraine was not that difficult previously in comparison with similarly developed markets. However many employers were annoyed by the requirement to pay foreign citizens-workers 10 times the minimum wage. Many employers resorted to part-time employment contracts to get around the requirement.


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