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Government Imposes Tougher Restrictive Measures to Combat Coronavirus

A new version of the Decree "On Prevention of Acute Coronavirus COVID-19 Acute Respiratory Disease in the Territory of Ukraine" was adopted in Ukraine. According to the accepted changes, the following are banned:

  • From April 6 to stay in public places without a mask, respirator;
  • Gatherings of more than two persons from April 6 (except in cases of emergency and accompanying children);
  • Stay in public places of persons under 14 years of age, unaccompanied by their parents;
  • Visits to parks, squares, recreation areas, forest parks and coastal areas (except for pets walking with one person and in case of emergency);
  • Visiting sports and playgrounds;
  • Visits to palliative care, social protection, social care institutions;
  • Being on the streets without ID cards

The ordinance also lays down rules for self-isolation and observation. The self-isolation regime will be monitored by police, military, National Guard, Ministry of Health officials, etc.


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