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Government to simplify statistical reporting for companies in Ukraine

The Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers, Dmitry Dubilet comments: "We plan to abolish about 40% of the Gosstat forms that are filled by Ukrainian enterprises. This is the result of an audit we have conducted over the last few months."


According to him, 43 forms out of 110 are to be abolished. "At the same time, it will not affect the quality and the amount of information prepared by the State Statistics Service for the state," the official assured.


Dubilet explained that the main idea behind the reform is to stop collecting information from companies that is already in the hands of state bodies and that is not used for managerial decision-making.


Plans for this year include cancelling reports on the use and stocks of fuel (4-MTP), on the sale and stocks of goods (products) in wholesale trade (1-OPT), on the production and sale of industrial products (1P-NPP) ), the use of information and communication technologies in enterprises (1-ICT).


In addition, according to Dubilet, reports on the volume of services (1-services), labor (1-PV), activity of public organization (1-GO), production of industrial products by types (1-P) should also be cancelled. The same goes to the reports on settlements with non-residents (1-B), on sales of agricultural products (21-total), on prices of producers of industrial products (1-prices), on the activity of higher education institution (2-3NK).


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