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Long-term Ukrainian visas available for investors

Rules of entry to Ukraine for international investors have been amended.

The Cabinet of Ministers, by its Resolution No. 171 dated March 14, 2018, amended the rules for issuing visas for entry into Ukraine and transit through its territory. In particular, there was an expanded list of documents that can be submitted for the issuance of a long-term visa. Foreign investors can now obtain a long-term visa by confirming the size of their stake in an investment in Ukraine that amounts to not less than 100 thousand euros.

This change affects foreigners who intend to invest in Ukrainian business and wish to obtain a long-term visa. It can be obtained by persons - the founders of the company or those whose share in the authorized capital is 100 thousand euros (at the official rate on the date of investment). Of course, the company must be registered in Ukraine.

Similar practices have long existed in other countries and are considered an effective mechanism of attracting investment in many places.


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