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Support for business in Ukraine during wartime

We share here some information recently collected by the European Business Association in Ukraine. The EBA is a very influential business association and we highly recommend to also check out their website for the latest news in Ukrainian business:

The Government has announced the expansion of the program of the evacuation of enterprises from the war zones to western Ukraine. Businesses will be provided with necessary conditions for work in the new place and employment opportunities for people.

Moreover, payment of taxes for all enterprises that are unable to pay them is postponed.

All measures of the market and consumer surveillance in all matters, except for price regulation and control over pricing, will be abolished. A moratorium on inspections of all types for business has already been introduced.

The introduction of cash registers for all individual entrepreneurs is postponed.

Taxpayers are released from liability for the untimely performance of their tax obligations, in particular, for noncompliance with the deadlines for taxes and fees payment, reporting, registration of tax invoices in the Unified Register of tax invoices, etc. Penalties and fines for violating tax laws are considered hopeless and will be written off.

Enterprises and individual entrepreneurs of the III group will be exempted from paying a single social contribution for employees who joined the armed forces and other armed groups (including territorial defense). The fee will be paid by the state.

Ukrainians will be able to receive UAH 6,500 within the eSupport program in the areas where the most active hostilities are taking place. These funds can be used to pay for any expenses without restricting the type of business. Hired employees and individual entrepreneurs of all groups will be able to receive assistance. 

Businesses can support the Ukrainian army by paying the full amount of taxes owed. Furthermore, early payment of taxes is encouraged.


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