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The government extended the quarantine until May 11

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine extended the quarantine until May 11, 2020. The corresponding decision was made at a Government meeting on April 22.

At the same time, the government plans to allow the transportation of people who have expressed a desire to be blood donors in urban transport, as well as to involve certain categories of workers in the work without undergoing a mandatory preventive inspection.

The Prime Minister said that they had developed a clear plan for exiting the quarantine. It consists of 5 stages. There are two conditions for starting it. First, if within a period of 10 days the percentage of detected cases in the country does not change or fluctuate within 5%. Second, if hospitals filled with patients with COVID-19 takes less than 50% of hospital capacity.

The government is implementing a series of measures to support Ukrainians. In particular, it increases unemployment benefits, expands business support programs and implements credit breaks, increases pensions, and creates new jobs.

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