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The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine introduces a new institution - the Commissioner for Enterprise

"The SFS introduces a new institution - the Commissioner for Enterprise, the so-called business ombudsman. This is our own initiative, we have been working hard for the last 5-6 weeks in order to enhance and deepen our real dialogue with businesses and taxpayers"

He also added that this institution will be an additional tool of communication "relating to proposals, complaints and questions received by the SFS."

The Commissioner for Enterprise  has appointed Taras Kachka, a former vice-president of the American Chamber of Commerce, as head of the new commission. Kachka commented that the business ombudsman post would be a voluntary position - "because the main idea is to improve the SFS in order to transmit the controlling organization into a service institute. It is all about improving the SFS’ work to support businesses in their challenges".


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