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Ukraine moves to electronic records of labor activity

From 10.06.2021 records of labor activity are kept in electronic form in Ukraine. What are the advantages of e-labor records?

According to the Ministry of Social Policy:

On June 10, 2021, electronic labor books were introduced in Ukraine (Law of Ukraine of February 5, 2021 № 1217-IX). The electronic labor books will replace the old paper versions, which used to be required to be held by the employer by law. The old paper labor books are similar to passports in appearance.

At present, paper workbooks are used when calculating length of employment, to confirm length of work history in the relevant field, and so on. With the help of an electronic workbook, the necessary information can be obtained on the electronic labor portal.

For 5 years the authorities will take into account both the paper workbook and the electronic form. If a person has work experience before 2004, this information can be entered into the electronic register independently or with the help of the employer.

The introduction of electronic employment records will help eliminate the possibility of loss of employment records, damage, error and inaccurate information in the old paper document, as well as simplify access to information about work experience or labor insurance history

You can view the available information about yourself on the PFU electronic services portal

Paper labor books, a relic of Soviet times, have long been a hindrance to the ease of employment and proving employment history. This new development is a welcome addition to Ukraine´s ongoing digitalization effort and will free employers from having to store labor books on their premises.


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