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Ukraine named best country for IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe

Ukraine ranked first among Eastern European countries in terms of attractiveness for IT outsourcing according to a report by the Dutch software development and technology consulting company Daxx.


In its report on the attractiveness of countries for IT outsourcing, it named Ukraine the number one IT offshore in Eastern Europe and the best in the world for hiring programmers.


Ukraine ranks first among such countries as Croatia, Romania, Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland when it comes to the cost of an hour of software development. In Ukraine the cost is 30-60 dollars per hour. Poland, for example, clocks in at 45-69 dollars per hour.


Daxx notes that companies that decide to outsource to Eastern Europe are often happy to discover a wealth of technical talent and the availability of first-class engineers focused on innovation.


More than 1 million programmers live in the region. About a third of them (30.8%) are in Poland, another 15.4% live in Ukraine, 10.7% - in Romania.


Over the last two decades, Eastern Europe has become one of the largest regions in the supply of software development services. Ukraine, Poland, Romania and Belarus account for 5% of the global IT outsourcing market.


If you are interested in establishing a company in Ukraine for IT outsourcing, or if you are looking for accounting services for your company in the region, feel free to contact us.


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