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Ukraine reopens borders for leisure and business travel

Ukraine reopened its airports for international flights on 15.6, and foreigners can once again travel to Ukraine for business and leisure. There are a few requirements in place for arrivals. First of all, they need to follow strict sanitary requirements at airports including the use of masks and gloves. Arrivals need to have health insurance that covers coronavirus treatment in Ukraine. The Ukrainian government has issued a list where countries are divided to red and green categories, with reds having more than 40 active Covid cases per 100,000 people and greens having less than 40. Arrivals from red countries are required to use an app called Diy Vdoma to register and self-isolate in Ukraine for 14 days. Arrivals from green countries have no requirement to self-isolate. The current list from 14.6. can be found by following the link below and it is updated every three days.
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