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Ukrainian Ministry of Economy has plans to reduce gender pay gap

The Ministry of Economy has developed a draft National Strategy to reduce the gender pay gap until 2023 and an action plan for its implementation. These documents are currently being prepared for submission to all interested central executive bodies for approval, after which they will be submitted for public discussion.


"The level of horizontal and vertical gender segregation of the labor market of Ukraine, despite some positive changes in recent years, remains quite high. As a result, there is a pay gap between women and men in Ukraine, which, although in the first quarter of 2021 reached the lowest level in the history of our country and amounted to about 18% - remains significantly higher than in most developed countries, including the European Union, "commented Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Svitlana Glushchenko.


At the initiative of the First Lady of Ukraine Ms. Olena Zelenska, Ukraine joined two leading international initiatives in 2020, the goal of which is to reduce the gender pay gap - the Biarritz Partnership for Gender Equality and the International Coalition for Equal Pay (Equal Pay International Coalition, EPIC).


One of the main commitments made by the Government of Ukraine in connection with this accession has been the gradual and systematic reduction of the pay gap between women and men for work of equal value. In particular, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a plan of measures to implement the commitments made under the international initiative "Biarritz Partnership" and combined measures to implement the commitments to both international organizations.


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