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Work permit troubles persist for foreigners in Ukraine

Especially in recent years, Ukrainians have been at the top of the lists when it comes to beneficiaries of work permits in European countries. Unfortunately, the situation is not reciprocal for foreigners who would like to receive such permits in Ukraine.

The main problems for securing work permits for foreigners include:

- Unclear or changing requirements for supporting documents (the most difficult on seems to be proving the absence of a criminal record in your home country)
- Long wait times for permits
- The absence of a queuing system for permits, and the absence of an online registration system for documents can mean frequent personal visits to the registration authorities

Temporary or permanent residence permits are much more challenging even to obtain than work permits. The biggest hurdle is having your place of residence officially registered and proven - documentation for this can be almost impossible to get via legal means.

Even though the system is heavily bureaucratic, foreign applicants have reported very few instances of corruption when doing their applications. Instead, the system is just very cumbersome and complicated to go through. A round table discussion with government officials and Europe Without Barriers will take place in January to discuss improvements to the system.

Leinonen Ukraine always recommends using a legal partner to guide you through work and residence permit applications. The cost of having an experienced guide help you through the process is easily worth it considering the amount of time and trouble it will save you and your business.

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