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Workers in some professions are required to be vaccinated in Ukraine

The Ministry of Health proposed expanding the list of professions for compulsory vaccination against COVID-19 by including health workers, local government workers and public utilities workers. This was announced at a briefing by the head of the Ministry of Health.


The Ministry of Health has sent an order to expand the list for public discussion and coordination with other ministries. Among the suggested additional professions are:


-       employees of public and municipal health care institutions;

-       employees of local self-government bodies;

-       employees of enterprises, institutions and organizations belonging to the communal property of the respective territorial communities.

Since November 8, unvaccinated teachers and officials have been dismissed from work without pay. Also, for the period of suspension, they will not be paid sick leave.


On November 9, the list of professions with compulsory vaccination was expanded further. It now includes employees of central authorities and enterprises “of strategic importance to the economy", as well as workers in social services.


Note that Latvia has already authorized private businesses to suspend and fire employees who are unvaccinated.


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