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Accounting in ukraine

We believe in synergy. Our accountants work in cooperation with your team to ensure that all accounting information meets local and international standards. We keep the tax man away, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

payroll management in ukraine

Money is a sensitive matter, and managing employee salaries should always be handled with the utmost care, confidence, and punctuality. Payroll management in Leinonen is conducted by experts who are always up to date with the latest changes in the local legislation.

Payroll Administration means tiresome and ever changing activities, i.e., applying employment laws, monitoring local requirements, preparing contracts and maintaining employee records. With Leinonen on your side you don’t need to, we will do it for you.

other financial services in ukraine

Every company must take care of its business transactions, but local authorities often require specific procedures on certain terms. Your local Leinonen office is happy to take over all of these tiresome and time-consuming operations.

General Administration services at Leinonen make the business more convenient for you to manage. Upon request we can represent you in front of the authorities, archive accounting materials and provide a legal mail address or post handling service.

management reporting in ukraine

All of the managerial decisions should be based on an accurate management reporting system. Professional, high-quality and accurate bookkeeping is the solid foundation of management accounting.

We provide you with precise management reports, internal controls, support you in budgeting and ad-hoc reporting if needed.

company establishment in ukraine

Plan to take your company abroad? We are more than happy to assist you with the entire process and help you minimize the risks related to founding a new company.

When establishing a company abroad, it’s crucial that the company form and registration comply with the local legislation. We make sure that the chosen form is financially the most profitable for you.

taxation in ukraine

On many occasions, Tax Advisory at Leinonen is linked to accounting services. The taxation of international businesses changes frequently and is somewhat difficult to comprehend, even if the company is operating in merely one country. No need for you to worry though, we are here to assist you.

legal services in ukraine

In selected offices, we offer you legal services conducted by our experienced team members. In other offices, we have a handpicked network of local masterminds who will help you with any kind of legal issues. You are taken care of.


Today, it’s not difficult to open a company in Ukraine even if you are an investor from abroad. However, the process does require a local specialist who is fluent in the local language and practices. Feel free to contact us and we will guide you through the steps to establish a new business in Ukraine. Also check out our article about company establishment, and the company establishment FAQ section.

We would be happy to take care of your accounting at Leinonen Ukraine. Please contact us so we can schedule a meeting or a call. We would like to know more about your business and to discuss the scope of your needs: the number of transactions that move through your accounts each month, the number of clients that you have, the number of employees on the payroll etc. Based on this information we are able to compile an offer. Once we understand how the process works for you currently, we can suggest improvements and how to best move forward with accounting outsourcing in Ukraine.

Please remember that we are always happy to meet and negotiate the offer as well as conditions and other details. Our consultation is complimentary so you can learn more about our expertise and services.

We offer service packages that are tailor-made to fit your needs. There is no need to outsource the whole process, and in fact, sometimes it makes more sense to just outsource some controlling functions.

This is especially true in Ukraine, where sometimes it makes sense to have an extra layer of control on your local business. For example, you can have a junior accountant within your company taking care of day-to-day tasks and documentation, while Leinonen accountants execute controlling functions, money transactions and reporting. The complexity of the outsourced services really depends on your needs.

Accounting in Ukraine is done almost exclusively with the program 1C, the same as in most CIS countries. The reason for this is that the regulatory environments in these countries change often, and the 1C platform is the only one that is automatically updated and connected to the authorities’ databases. If you would like to use other software, contact us and we can assess the project together with you.

We employ specialists who are not only familiar with the accounting environment in Ukraine, but who have experience from working with foreign organizations in the country. The needs of foreign investors are different from local companies, and we make sure that we understand what those are.

We hire only the best specialists, and we promote Finnish values in every office. In Ukraine we also have a Finnish director on site to guide and supervise our work. If you wish, we can provide references that can vouch for our quality.

In every country, we provide services in accordance with the local laws and regulations. To guarantee the maximum level of privacy we have internal group auditing practices and encrypt most of the handled documentation.

In Ukraine we mostly serve small-to-medium sized businesses with foreign ownership. We have clients in the software business and clients in the machining industry, so there is no single mould which our clients fit into.

Typical new clients for us would be foreign investors who want to establish a new business, or establish a franchise in Ukraine. With the IT business booming in Ukraine, we also see lots of investors who want to establish a startup in Ukraine.

Yes, in fact outsourcing your accounting if your business is small usually makes a lot of sense. When the existing business is small, or if you just want to establish a small business in Ukraine, usually it isn’t financially justified to hire your own accountant. By outsourcing, you get the best level of expertise and only pay for the services you need.

This always depends on the complexity of the project you are thinking of. If you want to establish a company in Ukraine, that usually takes from 3 to 5 weeks. If you want to transfer your accounting operations to a new provider, we should discuss the project in more detail with you before confirming deadlines.

We strongly believe in our Finnish values, which set us apart from competitors. We operate in 12 countries and have the best local know-how in each one. We have created high-quality group service standards and are small enough to care, but big enough to deliver.

Client confidentiality is essential to us, as we are sure you can appreciate. Still, we are confident that if you wish, we can ask for permission and deliver the necessary references.

The structure of pricing depends on the nature of requested services and its volumes. Some pricing can be as a fixed fee, some on an hourly rate. One thing you can be sure of is that we have a fair and transparent structure of pricing that you can understand. Once we have had a discussion about your needs, we can tailor a service package that suits them.

We are serving an icreasing number of international companies in Ukraine. Proper accounting practices and good advice help your company be successful and safe from any unpleasant surprises. No matter whether you are an international company or a local one-man firm, we would like to work with you. Every client is important to us, regardless of size, turnover or sphere of activity of the client’s business.

Leinonen is a professional and reliable accounting service provider in Ukrainian market. The Kiev Office is part of an international accounting and advisory company Leinonen Group.

Leinonen Ukraine serves  international clients of all sizes. As Finns we are culturally closest to Scandinavian and Western European companies, and always ready to help companies from farther away as well.

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