Providing Proactive Outsourcing Solutions for Foreign-Owned Businesses in Ukraine

At Leinonen, we are committed to providing high quality business services that enable foreign-owned enterprises to navigate cross-border challenges and thrive in the Ukrainian market.

I'm Tuomas Pukkala

Eastern Region Manager

I´m from Finland and have worked at Leinonen for 5+ years. I have lots of hands-on experience helping clients from different industries get started with their business in our market area.

What I like most about this work is that each client case is different and an opportunity to learn something new. However, the challenges clients face in our markets are usually similar, so we can help clients avoid those before they even come up. We have a very dedicated team which is all about helping clients succeed with their business.

Our clients can be sure that we are always available and ready to help with any challenges they face, not just accounting-related ones. We have a young and active team. Each client is precious to us and this shows in our service level as well, meaning that we always strive to go the extra mile for our clients.

About Us

Our services include accounting, payroll management, company establishment, management reporting, tax advice and legal assistance. Our only job is to make your job easier, and we rededicate ourselves to that goal every day.

Foreign corporations and entrepreneurs are understandably hesitant about starting a business or opening a subsidiary office in a country where the language and customs are markedly different from their own. That is where we come in.

The Leinonen Ukraine office has Finnish management on-site who take a familiar western approach to providing services. An approach based on transparency and accountability.

Our team in Ukraine is composed of skilled professionals with years of experience in cross-border trade. They understand the unique challenges facing foreign-owned entities. They also understand that the best way to put our clients’ minds at rest is to meet or exceed their expectations at every turn.

Our team of accountants and other financial professionals is very stable, meaning you have an opportunity to get to know the people who are performing the work on your behalf.


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Our Values


We obey the law and all concluded contracts in every stage of our work. We handle delicate information responsibly and with care and we follow the same rules throughout our business area. We require individuals and organizations that we co-operate with to follow the same principles. High ethics is the key to reliability, which grows into trust. And trust – that is our most valuable asset.

Focus on clients

Right people together

Continuous improvement

How we work

“We pride ourselves on the reliability of our services. All accounting, payroll and tax work is performed to local standards.”

Tuomas Pukkala, Eastern Region Manager

“We are in this for the long-term, so we must be reliable. We honour existing contracts, make sure you are always compliant with tax and reporting requirements and always put your interests first.”

Tuomas Pukkala, Eastern Region Manager

“We’re not here to sell you things you don’t need. Instead, we listen intently to what you tell us and then provide those services that will help you succeed.”

Tuomas Pukkala, Eastern Region Manager

“Everyone in our Ukraine office undergoes constant upgrading of their skill set. As such, we are never caught off guard by regulatory changes.”

Tuomas Pukkala, Eastern Region Manager

“Every one of our services is designed to help you streamline your operation so that your business can realise its full potential.”

Tuomas Pukkala, Eastern Region Manager

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