The National Bank of Ukraine is constantly taking measures to ensure the continuity of the banking system under martial law. The NBU, together with the major Ukrainian banks, are implementing an action plan to ensure they can continue to work during long-lasting power outages.

In practice this means furnishing operating bank branches with additional equipment and creating communications channels designed for operating even when the power is down. Additional cash registers, ATMs, staff, and cash are also made available. There is a system in place to inform bank customers about the locations and working hours of on-duty branches.

The NBU has requested banks to implement an “ATM roaming” system. Basically the system would allow cardholders to use the ATMs of other banks free of charge, and also extend some of the cash withdrawal limits. Most of the major Ukrainian banks already joined the ATM roaming program.

Due to the threat level and martial law situation, the NBU has also placed some requirements on banks:

  • At least 35% of bank branches in any given region should be operational, and their customers need to be informed clearly about their contact information, locations and work schedules.
  • tightening the security of banking transactions, including those with cash.

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