Tax Service of Ukraine announces planned tax audits

The Tax Service of Ukraine plans to audit 1,019 companies and 256 individuals by the end of the year. This data is available from the official site of the State Tax Service.

How many companies will be checked? Currently, the State Tax Service plans to conduct documentary checks in: 896 companies working with excisable goods – alcohol, tobacco, gasoline, etc.

Who’s on the list? In particular, the list includes OKKO, Socar, Carlsberg Ukraine, Ukrtransnafta, etc. A total of 94 financial companies, including: 15 banks: Vostok, Ukrgasbank, Alliance, Investment and Savings Bank, Cominbank, Globus, Ukrainian Capital, Ukrainian Construction and Investment Bank, Deutsche Bank DBU, Altbank, First Investment Bank, European Industrial Bank, Clearing House Bank, Piraeus Bank MKB, RVS Bank. 19 insurance companies and their divisions. The companies “USO” and “TAS” were included in the list. 60 other monetary institutions. 3,256 individuals.

In addition, the Tax Service will check 29 companies regarding the correctness of calculation, completeness and timeliness of payment of personal income tax and unified social tax. This list includes 17 gambling businesses, including Favbet.

We remind our clients and partners, that tax audits in Ukraine are very strict and the tax authorities are unforgiving. In our experience this has become even more so during wartime. The best way to insure your business against a tax audit and potential fines thereafter is to have a strong accounting policy and to take very good care of your accounting books.

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