Work permit processes for foreigners have been simplified

Salary to be paid to foreign employee as a requirement for obtaining a permit has been changed.

Their minimum amounts are as follows:

  • 5 minimum wages (approximately EUR 515) – for foreign hired employees in public associations, charitable organizations and educational institutions;
  • 10 minimum wages (approximately EUR 1,000) – for all the other employee categories;
  • no requirement – for some categories this requirement is not applied at all. Such categories include foreign highly-paid professionals, founders (participants, beneficiaries) of a legal entity created in Ukraine, graduates of universities ranked in the top hundred in world ratings, according to the list determined by the CMU, foreign employees with art professions and IT professionals (hereinafter – the “designated employee category”).

List of documents required for obtaining a work permit:

  • application in the prescribed form (also containing information that the position at which the foreign person will be employed is unrelated to Ukrainian citizenship and requires no access to the state secrets);
  • copy of the first page of the foreign person’s passport with its translation;
  • one photo of the foreign person;
  • draft employment contract with the foreign person.

As a result of these changes, the basic list of documents for obtaining a permit has been reduced substantially. Note that if the future foreign employee is attributed to the designated employee category, then the employer will have to file additional documents to confirm his/her professional, qualification or any other special attribution.

Maximum validity period of the permit:

  • 1 year – for all employees;
  • 1-3 years – for the designated employee category (as determined by the Law).

Certain aspects of the procedure for obtaining a permit were also changed:

  • reduced period for decision making on issuing a permit to 7 business days (for extension – 3 business days);
  • improved procedure for notifying of termination of the case consideration if any errors and inaccuracies are detected, and of resumption of the case consideration, provided such errors and inaccuracies are eliminated;
  • mandatory submission of a copy of the employment contract with the foreign person after he/she obtains the permit, otherwise the latter will be canceled;

to extend the permit, you will only have to file an application and photo of the foreign person.

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