Making sure your books are in compliance with Ukrainian standards is crucial. By outsourcing your accounting to Leinonen you can avoid having to set up your own accounting department. At the same time, you will eliminate the associated learning curve and prevent costly errors.

Accounting Services in Ukraine

Foreign-owned businesses attempting to enter the Ukrainian market often find it challenging. This is especially true when it comes to the country’s complicated tax and trade laws. If you are to thrive in the Ukrainian market, you need an ally with a lot of experience in this part of the world. One with expert knowledge of local laws and regulations. One with a proven record of success. That company is Leinonen. We offer expert accounting services in Ukraine for businesses aspiring to establish a presence in Kyiv or elsewhere.

Leinonen: Helping You Navigate the Ukraine Market

Ukraine’s journey towards a market economy where transparency, accountability and efficiency rule the day has been a gradual one taking place over many years. The general trend, however, has been toward a more business-friendly approach, one that appreciates what foreign investors have to offer.

Still, there are definite challenges to setting up shop here, especially in the service and tech sectors including: 

The tax system – Making sure withholding taxes are paid on time in Ukraine is an ongoing process that requires 28 payments per year. Attempting to handle something like that on your own could be a major distraction from other important tasks and wind up holding you back. When you outsource your accounting and tax to Leinonen you can be sure your books are accurate and up to date at all times, ensuring you will meet the expectations of the local tax authorities.

Cross-border trade – If you plan to do business with other countries in the region expect to fill out lots of paperwork, operate within tight schedules and pay significant import and export fees. Keeping track of everything in this environment can be too much for the business owner. That’s where we come in. We’ll fulfil all your accounting needs, removing at least some of the challenges of cross-border trade.

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When you receive Leinonen’s accounting services in Ukraine, you benefit from our years of experience. We have offices in more than a dozen countries and understand the exact details of accounting and tax in Ukraine, as well as other countries in the region. 

Our team is friendly and highly trained, multilingual, and easy to work with. We have a thorough knowledge of 1C accounting software as well as Hyperion, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Hansa World and more. Contact Leinonen today and let us help you find your way into the Ukraine market.

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