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There is no way to avoid the need for timely and effective legal advice when establishing a business in Ukraine. Leinonen can connect you with a local legal team who can provide the legal advice you need when it comes to immigration issues, lease agreements, employment contracts, supplier contracts and much more.

Legal Services in Ukraine

Establishing a business or representative office in Ukraine requires persistence, knowledge of the market and, from time to time, legal services in Ukraine that won’t let you down. Creating contracts, resolving disputes, negotiating agreements and more all call for fast, reliable legal support, the kind Leinonen have been providing our clients for more than 30 years.

Doing business in Eastern Europe is not the same as doing business in France or the US. If you are to thrive here you will need to find and enlist legal services that are suited to the nuances of the local landscape.

Legal Services in Ukraine You Can Count On

There are many business opportunities to be found in Ukraine, but the need for spot-on legal advice is as important as ever.

At Leinonen, we can provide that advice. Companies regularly come to us for help establishing an office here, for help creating legally enforceable contracts, for help negotiating employment agreements and for corporate legal services that help them create a strong foundation on which to grow their business.

We maintain a vibrant network of local legal experts we may call upon to assist with ongoing court proceedings or disputes with local authorities. It’s all part of our commitment to providing our clients with the highest possible level of service.

We Have Your Back

Opening a representative office or other type of business in Ukraine can be a fairly straightforward process if you receive accurate, tailored legal advice. At Leinonen, we have more than 30 years of experience in Eastern Europe. We understand the system, stay up to date on all regulatory, reporting, and other legal requirements and provide accurate advice that is always in your best interest.

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Doing business in Ukraine can be profitable. But it’s not the same as doing business in Western Europe. To effectively manage the differences, talk to Leinonen about our legal services in Ukraine.

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