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Accounting in Hungary

We believe in synergy. Our accountants work in cooperation with your team to ensure that
all accounting information meets local and international standards. We keep the tax authorities away, so you can concentrate on growing your business while we manage the routinely financial administration of the company. We are a flexible, client orientated and trustworthy partner. Leinonen believes that spot on accounting is the cornerstone of any successful business. High-quality accounting brings transparency and gives management a clear overview of the company’s financial situation. Your team can now focus entirely on their work and bring home even more significant results.


No, we have a file sharing system where our clients can upload all their documents and we can share our reports in return. This way we save time, money and nature all at once. It is the clients’ responsibility to preserve all the original documents.

There are some special local regulations about invoicing in Hungary. We are ready to assist you in the setup of your system or ready to issue invoices on your behalf.

Companies must submit all the documents, including tax returns, electronically. We need a proxy to handle your tax issues and we will be in contact with the tax authorities.

Definitely yes. From the day of the registration, your company must comply with all the tax return filing obligations, even if there is no business yet. Do not wait until you get a warning from the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary.

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