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Our in-house team of legal experts are able to handle almost everything that arises in the course of doing business in Estonia. If a more specific legal advisory and representation is required, we engage proven and respected local law firms on your behalf.

Legal Services in Estonia

If your Estonian enterprise is to thrive, you will need expert legal services to protect your interests in matters of commercial law, contract law, immigration law and more. Leinonen can provide the Estonia legal services you need to ensure your operation is not damaged by legal challenges brought by unhappy employees, dishonest competitors, or other actors intent on bringing harm to your company.

But minimizing risks for lawsuits and other legal disputes is not the only reason you need effective legal services in Estonia. Leinonen’s legal services in Estonia will also help you:

  • Prepare the documents required for the company formation process
  • Negotiate and finalise contracts with local suppliers and contractors
  • Obtain an Estonian tax ID number
  • Negotiate employment contracts and hire local staff
  • Advise and assist with the purchase and sale of company assets
  • Advise on commercial and administrative activities
  • Ensure compliance with European Union GDPR requirements

Leinonen’s Legal Services in Estonia

For more than 30 years, we have been making business in Estonia easier for companies with an international presence. In that time, we have learned first-hand about the importance of expert legal representation. Without reliable legal services on your side, resolving disputes and negotiating contracts could become an exhausting exercise.

Experience You Can Rely On

LLCs, joint stock companies, representative offices, and more face enough challenges from market forces, changing technology and other things that are beyond their control. The last thing they need is to be caught unprepared by a legal dispute brought to them by business partners or unsatisfied individuals. Leinonen’s legal services in Estonia ensure there is always someone by your side who is prepared to spring into action if required.

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The future of your Estonian enterprise could depend on the quality of your legal representation. Get in touch with Leinonen today and make sure your business is protected from legal challenges.

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