Online Invoice Data Transmission 2.0

The online data transmission of sales invoices debuted in July 2018, two years ago. In this first phase, the B2B invoices including HUF 100,000 or more VAT must be directly transmitted to the tax authority (NAV). (News here)

On 1 July 2020, the next phase will start. All the B2B invoices will be registered instantly at NAV. It is predicted that the hand-written paper invoices will disappear because its data must be entered directly to the NAV’s system manually. Once all the invoices are registered, we can also download and check what invoices have been issued to our company. This system has two main requirements:
(1) Every company must use a proper invoicing system registered at NAV.
(2) Every company must properly connect the invoicing systems to NAV with the personal keys and codes.

Further steps are scheduled to next year, coming soon.

If you need further information on the above, just contact us at

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