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Our legal services cover everything from immigration issues, to securing appropriate workspace and overseeing the negotiation of supplier contracts. Should you need more robust representation we enlist local law firms with a track record of successfully supporting foreign-owned businesses.

Legal Services in Latvia

Opening or running a business in a foreign country is a process involving countless potential problems. Some are fairly mild, while others could pose a larger threat to your enterprise. Those issues and problems that pose the greatest threat almost always have a legal component. And if your company is not prepared to meet the challenge, irreversible harm could come to your brand image and bottom line. That’s why you need legal services in Latvia with a lot of experience and a proven record of successfully defending their client’s interests.

Why So Many Businesses Choose Leinonen

Legal issues can take many forms. But regardless of the nature of the issue, your ability to deal with them will depend on the quality of your legal representation. Companies doing business in Latvia choose Leinonen to help them:

  • Prepare and file documents related to company formation and registration
  • Negotiate contracts with suppliers and transport services
  • Help with the onboarding of key staff and the writing of employment contracts
  • Obtain a tax ID number from the State Revenue Service of Latvia
  • Negotiate leases for production, office or retail space
  • Advise on a range of commercial and administrative activities
  • Protect the company’s interests in the event of lawsuits
  • Ensure GDPR compliance

Legal Services in Latvia You Can Rely On

The last thing you want when your Latvian enterprise is finally taking off is to encounter difficult legal entanglements. Whether yours is a representative office, a retail establishment, a production facility, or something else, your legal services in Latvia need to account for every detail and protect your interests in any and all situations.

The Legal Services in Latvia You Need

To make sure your Latvian business rests upon a solid legal foundation, get in touch with the team at Leinonen today.

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