How to establish a company in Sweden?

If you are a foreigner and you have ever considered setting up a business in Sweden, then you know that it can be a rather complex and lengthy process. It requires careful planning and knowledge of the laws surrounding starting a business in another country. Luckily there are many e-services available to help guide you through the process.

Step 1: Decide on your Business Structure

The first step in setting up a business in Sweden is to decide on a business structure. This will depend largely on the type of business you intend to run and the services you plan to provide. Commonly, foreign investors choose to establish either a branch or subsidiary in Sweden.

A branch is an extension of your existing business and is not a separate legal entity. This type of business structure requires you to submit quarterly reports and accounts to the Swedish Register of Commerce.

A subsidiary is a separate legal entity distinct from your existing business. In this case, a board of directors and shareholder need to be appointed, and the annual accounts must be filed with the Swedish Register of Commerce.

Whichever option you choose, you must register the business with the Swedish Tax Agency in order to open a bank account and apply for a business registration certificate. You must also notify the social insurance office of your business and the chamber of commerce.

Step 2: Determine Your Operating Preference

The second step in setting up a business in Sweden is to decide on your operating preference. Foreign companies can either operate in Sweden as a registered business or as a branch office.

Registered businesses must register with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Swedish Tax Agency and the Swedish Companies Registration Office. A board of directors and shareholder must be appointed, and the annual accounts must be filed with the Swedish Register of Commerce.

Branches of a foreign company do not have their own legal entity and merely represent the foreign company. However, they must also register with the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Companies Registration Office in Sweden.

Step 3: E-Services

Once you have decided on a business structure and operating preference, you can begin to utilize the e-services that are available to help you navigate the process. These services provide the necessary information to help you complete the various registration forms and paperwork required.

Extra information can be obtained from:

 – Invest in Sweden is a service that provides information on business opportunities, practical guidance on setting up a business in Sweden, and a database of businesses for sale in Sweden.

 – is a government site where you can register your business, pay taxes, apply for permits, and find out about the laws and regulations in Sweden.

– gathers important information for foreigners and entrepreneurs

Step 4: Find Help

Setting up a business in another country can be complicated and intimidating, and there is no shame in asking for help. There are a number of local resources available in Sweden to help you with the process of setting up a business.

Leinonen Sweden has more than 10 years of experience on the ground in Sweden and have helped scores of foreign businesses gain a solid foothold in the Swedish market. Before deciding to handle company establishment yourself, contact Leinonen Swedish team and discover how they can help.


Setting up a business in Sweden as a foreigner is a complex and lengthy process. However, it can be done successfully with the right information and resources.

Securing a company registration number in Sweden, onboarding key foreign staff, finding and securing an office, retail or manufacturing space and interacting with the Swedish tax agency are all time-consuming but essential parts of the process. A mistake with one of those, or any other aspects of the process, could set you back weeks or months and cost you a lot of money. The good news is that Leinonen’s company establishment services in Sweden exist to help foreign entrepreneurs and others looking to create a stand-alone enterprise on Swedish soil.

For further information visit our website and feel free to contact with Leinonen Swedish team.

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