Leinonen Hungary: New Member of JVSZ

We proudly announce that Leinonen Hungary joined the Joint Venture Association, a 30 years old local organisation of mainly international companies. We think that this membership will serve the mutual benefits of the Association and Leinonen.

The Joint Venture Association has been established in 1986 initially as a club, then gradually developed itself to become an association, earlier foremost to represent, protect and exert by all legal means the specific interests of partly or wholly foreign-owned companies registered in Hungary, based on voluntary membership, as a politically neutral and not-for-profit association. Today there are already many purely Hungarian-owned companies, too, among the members.

The JVSZ has been striving for already 30 years to contribute to the improvement of the competitiveness of the Hungarian Economy. To achieve this goal the Association on one hand supports the inflow of the FDI to Hungary and on the other hand it plays significant role in spreading the culture of the innovation as wide as possible among the Hungarian-owned corporations thus continuously decreasing the duality of the economy, thus contributing to the diversified extension of the export.

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