Online Administration in Hungary

The digitalisation of everyday life and official administration is on the agenda in Hungary for over a decade. The basis of the project is the Client Gate (Ügyfélkapu). It is a gateway for those who use it in modern life to manage and oversee a range of activities, both for corporate and private individuals. This can include the activation of Corporate Gate (Cégkapu) accounts for organisations, the filing of tax returns and accessing government services for individuals, to name but a few.

Both locals and foreigners can register in one of the many government offices or in any Embassy of Hungary around the world. The registration is simple, requiring only a passport and some personal data. One can log in to the portals either with username and password or with the latest version of the Hungarian personal ID card.

Once you have access to Client Gate, you can reach many services and applications from tax administration to the extension of the driving licence. A free of charge e-signature service is also available, which is accepted in all the official processes in Hungary to eliminate paperwork.

A key area of using Client Gate is business. Every company must have electronic access to the authorities, and it is based on the Client Gate of one of the Directors. A Director should activate the Corporate Gate (Cégkapu) account of the company and grant access to those who actually work on the company, such as accountants for example. The Director’s Client Gate is also used to give permission the accountants for tax management, filing of tax returns, access to tax accounts etc. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to take care of the Client Gate from the day of the company setup, otherwise the administration cannot be completed.

The Client Gate is widely used in private life as well. Those who have personal tax ID, can have access to their tax accounts, and the tax authority prepares the draft of the annual tax return based on the reported payroll figures. With social insurance ID (TAJ), you can follow your healthcare history, get the medial documentations, and apply for the EU insurance card. Client Gate and Corporate Gate can be used in communication with the municipalities and the courts as well for sending applications, receiving official letters and for many other purposes.

The Client Gate system is undoubtedly a useful tool for those living in Hungary or visiting and expands the range of possibilities when interacting with the government and public services. Now, not all the official portals are available in English, and it might make it hard to use for foreigners, although the automatic translations work quite well.

Although Hungary is a member of the European Union, the country has their own government departments and agencies that each have their own way of doing things. If you are not familiar with Hungarian rules and regulations, your limited partnership, representative office, or other foreign company may have a difficult time getting started.

Fortunately, Leinonen team can provide expert advice and guidance on how to establish a Hungarian company, including incorporating a company in Hungary, helping with Client Gate system and much more.

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