It may be tempting to try and set up your own accounting department, but a better strategy is to outsource your accounting to Leinonen. We have years of experience with local accounting standards in Kazakhstan and will ensure your books stand up to the most thorough examination.

Accounting in Kazakhstan

If you own a business that operates in Kazakhstan, it is vital that you keep accurate books and that you stay in compliance with your reporting responsibilities to local tax authorities and other government entities. Leinonen can help. The professional accountants in our Kazakhstan branch have comprehensive knowledge of the complex and ever-changing regulatory statutes that come from the Ministry of Finance and the Professional Council on Auditing. If you are in search of accounting in Kazakhstan that will serve your interests while maintaining harmony between your business and the local authorities, Leinonen are the ones to trust.

Experienced & Responsible Accounting in Kazakhstan

In the past 30 years, the Republic of Kazakhstan has attracted nearly $400 billion in foreign investment and seen its GDP increase from $25 billion to about $190 billion. But that does not mean that the country and its resources can be exploited. On the contrary, while the government welcomes outside investors it maintains firm control over the activity of foreign companies, especially when it comes to tax and regulatory compliance.

For this reason alone, if you are to do business in Kazakhstan you need an experienced accounting team on your side to ensure your enterprise enjoys the best possible benefits from your investments while maintaining good long-term relations with local authorities. Outsourcing your accounting in Kazakhstan to Leinonen makes much more sense than attempting to onboard a local accountant who may be unfamiliar with international accounting standards and with whom you may have difficulty communicating.

More Reasons to Choose Leinonen

With offices in more than a dozen countries and more than three decades of experience helping international companies navigate regulatory issues from Scandinavia to Central Eastern Europe, Leinonen are ideally suited to provide the expert accounting services you need in order for your Kazakhstan operation to thrive. Our foundation in Western business values, combined with our experience working with many different tax authorities, provide us with the kind of cross-border credibility international businesses need and desire.

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Leinonen Kazakhstan is ready to serve businesses of all sizes and types. You will find our multilingual staff to be friendly, attentive, responsive, informed and patient. We keep the lines of communication open at all times and our on-site Finnish management and our experience with international standards make it easy for foreign companies to handle many of the challenges they face.

We have comprehensive knowledge of 1C, the accounting programme used in Kazakhstan and many other countries. Should your needs go beyond the capabilities of 1C, our team are also experts with Microsoft Dynamics, Hyperion, SAP, Hansa World and more. Contact Leinonen today and take advantage of our experience.

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