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Quarantine in Lithuania - Current Restrictions - 15/12/2020

Points of sale and service

Points of sale


The operation of shops, shopping or entertainment centers, marketplaces, and other public outlets is prohibited. The ban does not apply to:


·shops whose main activity is the sale of food, veterinary, pharmacy, optical goods and orthopedic technical devices;

·food trade in marketplaces and other public outlets;

·online trade and when the goods are delivered or picked up from collection points.


The shops which are allowed to operate must ensure at least 15 square meters of space per person or no more than one person is served at a time.


Points of service


The provision of contact services is prohibited, such as:


·beauty services;

·other services when contact is unavoidable which lasts longer than 15 minutes between the service provider and the recipient.


The ban does not apply to these services when they cannot be provided remotely:


·medical rehabilitation;

·psychological assistance and psychotherapy;

·legal services provided by attorneys;

·financial services;

·for the issuance of qualified certificates issued by qualified service providers;

·accommodation services (no more than 1 family/ household in one room);

·public transportation;

·library services;

·high-performance sports trainings;

·supply of takeout food and food delivery;

·dental services;

·health care services for pregnant women, mothers, and newborns;

·vaccination services for children and adults;

·disease prevention programs;

·preventive health screening services for individuals applying for a job in an area of activity that involves exposure to certain risk factors.


The points of service which are allowed to operate must ensure at least 10 square meters of space per person or no more than one person is served at a time.


Personal restrictions



People may be in public places in groups of no more than 2 people or in groups of no more than1 family/ household.


Close contacts of more than 1 family (household) are prohibited except in urgent cases where it is necessary to provide assistance, care for the sick or unable to take care of themselves.


Organizing personal celebrations in public and private spaces are prohibited for more than 1 family (household).


Movement within the country


For the holiday period from 16 December 2020 until 31 January 2021 the departure outside the territory of the municipality of the place of residence is restricted, except when traveling to another municipality under these circumstances:


·in the case of death of close relatives;

·to perform work when the place of employment is in another municipality;

·for emergency medical care;

·when going to the airport;

·for other objectively justified urgent grounds when traveling to another municipality is inevitable;

·when traveling to another municipality where a person owns real estate.


From 16 December 2020 the movement within the municipality of residence or outside of it is restricted for unnecessary reasons. Leaving the place of residence is allowed when going:

·to work;

·to point of sale;

·to the real estate object when it is owned by the person;

·to a funeral;

·for health care and other essential services;

·to walk in open spaces (no more than 1 family/ household);

·to take care of people who are sick or unable to take care of themselves;

·other objectively justified grounds.




Primary, pre-secondary and secondary education programs are carried out remotely.


It is recommended that kindergardens and pre-schools should be attended by those children whose parents do not have the opportunity to work remotely.


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