Partnership with Tripletex

2024 will indeed be a year of many changes! We previously wrote about the most important changes within the regulations in Norway, then about the new tax return, but now we have some more important news for you.

A new accounting program

Starting from 01.01.2024, Leinonen Norway has become an official partner with Tripletex! This means that Tripletex will be our main accounting and payroll program, and most of our clients are these days being moved over to this program. Most people who work with accounting in Norway know this program well, but for anyone who has not heard of Tripletex before, we can say right away: this is one of the best programs in Norway! And it’s not just something we say. According to surveys done by Regnskap Norge, Tripletex is at the very top every year when it comes to customer satisfaction and user-friendliness.

As a client, you can also get your own user and access to your accounts. In this way, you will have more control over your figures and can get reports at any time. If you’d rather just outsource everything, that’s fine too. Then you just send your receipts directly to Tripletex, and we will take care of the rest.

We set up all necessary integrations for you, such as bank integration and EHF. In this way, we save time, the bank reconciliation will be much easier, all incoming invoices go straight into the program and the collaboration works quickly and efficiently.

What if I already have another accounting program?

Some of our clients use another program such as Fiken, Conta, Visma eAccounting, etc. What should you do then? We recommend that we move all your accounting information over to Tripletex, because we believe that this program is one of the best on the market today in terms of ease of use and functionality. Did you know that from 01.01.2024 it is no longer possible to run payroll in eAccounting? To avoid such surprises, we simply move you over to Tripletex, where everything you need for accounting and payroll works nice and easy.

Our goal is to give you the best possible customer experience and to achieve that we simply need to have a good tool. We arrange all the practical things for you, so the change of accounting program doesn’t have to be difficult for you.

The future plan

So, what happens next? We have already contacted most of our clients about this and initiated the process of moving over to Tripletex. If you are a new client without any program, we create a new license for you based on your needs. You will receive all the necessary information about the choice of package, the time of getting invoice, user access and integrations from your contact person with us. We work behind the scenes and let you know when everything is ready for use.

For more information about Tripletex and how we can help you with your accounting and payroll, please contact us here.

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